Airline Transport Pilot (Single Engine Land) (5 Days)

Our Single Engine (ATP) Airline Transport Pilot Course is an upscale program designed to immerse the instrument rated commercial pilot into a dedicated complete training program. Our training focuses on Single Pilot Operations and Scenario Based Training, with opportunities to experience, in training, real IFR flying. 

Train the way you Fly - Fly the way you train

The 5th day includes the ATP practical test reccomendation.

ATP Course Includes: 

  • Flight Instructor Exclusively Assigned to You
  • Unlimited Instruction
  • Training Materials
  • FAA Practical Test Recommendation
  • Call for pricing - (in your plane)
  • Call for pricing - (in our plane) Cirrus SR22 G3 Perspective/ GPS WAAS or Cirrus SR22 Avidyne / GPS Garmin 430 WAAS or CE-172RG / GPS Garmin 430 WAAS or PA-28-151 Piper Warrior with GPS Garmin 430 WAAS
  • Note: Course, pricing, flight and ground instruction can be customized to individual needs
  • Note: Hotel & housing available
  • Note: Courtesy vehicle transportation available
  • Note: Train at our location or we can train at your location anywhere in the US
  • Contact Us At: 218-879-6599 for Course Scheduling


ATP Course Prerequisites:

For pilots seeking a Single Engine (ATP) Airline Transport Pilot course; come prepared with the following information.

  • FAA ATP written test passed
  • Current US Passport, or Birth Certificate & Government Issued ID
  • Basic Med or FAA third class medical or better
  • 1500 hours total time
  • 500 cross country flight time
  • 100 hours night time
  • 65 hours of simulated or actual instrument time in an airplane logged
  • Current Biennial Flight Review logged
  • VFR currency to the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards


ATP Training Topics Include:

  • Risk Management
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Task Management
  • Single Pilot Resource Management
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Personal Minimums
  • Basic Instrument Flying
  • Flight Planning
  • ATC System & Communications
  • Autopilot training
  • Advanced aircraft & avionics systems training
  • Glass panel training
  • Fuel Planning / and alternate airports
  • Weather planning for the general aviation pilot
  • Proper power settings and airspeed control
  • Proper ATC radio communications
  • Flight Planning - Airway and Off Airway
  • Nonprecision approaches
  • Precision ILS approaches
  • Circle-to-land
  • IFR cross country
  • Enroute procedures
  • Localizer backcourse
  • DME arc maneuvers
  • ASR and PAR approach
  • Visual and contact approaches
  • Advanced instrument approaches - GPS, L-NAV, L-NAV+V, LPV - WAAS
  • Partial panel flying.
  • Proper power settings and airspeed control
  • Holding procedures
  • VOR and NDB tracking


Cirrus Platinum Standardized Instructor