Seaplane Rating (3 Days) or (5 Day) Wilderness Seaplane Adventure

Our Seaplane Rating Training Course is designed to be 3 days in length. Our seaplane training focuses on Single Pilot Seaplane Operations. Enjoy floatplane flying in Minnesota the land of 10,000 Lakes. Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot seaplane ratings available.

Train the way you Fly - Fly the way you train.

Seaplane Rating Course Includes: 

  • Flight Instructor Exclusively Assigned to You
  • Unlimited Seaplane Flight Instruction
  • Seaplane Training Materials
  • FAA Seaplane Rating Reccomendation and Checkride
  • Up to 8 hours: (in our PA-18-160 Supercub on Wipline 2100 Floats) - 3 Day Course
  • Up to 16 hours: (Back Country Seaplane Wilderness Flying Course) - 5 Day Course
  • Contact Us At: 218-879-6599 for Course Scheduling and Pricing


Seaplane Rating Course Prerequisites:

Come prepared with the following information.

    • FAA Private Pilot Certificate
    • Current US Passport, or Government Issued ID
    • Basic Med or FAA third class medical or better
    • Current Biennial Flight Review logged
    • VFR currency to the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards


Seaplane Rating Course Training Topics Include:

    • Aircraft familiarization, weight & balance, performance considerations, basic aircraft control, normal takeoffs, normal landings, docking, steep turns, stalls, and allot of fun
    • Review of day 1 tasks. introduction of; Plow turn, step turn, glassy water takeoff, glassy water landings, emergency procedures, confined area landing, confined area takeoff, beaching, docking, sailing, and lots of FUN
    • Review of all procedures, Check-Ride Preparation and allot of fun and sightseeing